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little explorer's day careLittle Explorer’s Learning Center & Day Care offers affordable child care for infants to 5 year olds with preschool as well as our after school learning programs. Our day care center is different because all learning takes place in age specific classrooms. The mission of Little Explorer’s Learning Center is to provide safe, affordable, high quality child care within an educational nurturing environment benefiting children, families, our staff and the community. We understand that we are with your child a good part of the day and that makes it essential that your children learn more than just academics in our care. We promise to teach to the whole child; guiding their social, emotional, and cognitive development as well as healthy choices.

When you entrust the care of your little one to Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care in San Antonio, you’re making a positive choice for your child’s development. Our daycare center is focused on providing your child a safe environment to grow and learn. Whether your son or daughter is six-weeks-old or five-years-old, we offer daycare services tailored to suit their developmental milestones. In fact, our care professionals are enthusiastic teachers who understand each child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles. They are compassionate and work with your child to help set them up for success through learning and playing. One of the ways we do this is by teaching structure and our tailored classroom arrangement. Our classrooms are organized by age, allowing our caring staff to focus on age- appropriate learning activities and provide the utmost attention to your child’s well being.


Safety & Security

Safety is of the utmost importance. Our building is secured by an automatically locked entryway. Entry is only gained through front office staff.

Home Away from Home

While we believe that we can never take the place of a parent’s love and care, we know that you’ll be impressed with the warmth and attention that your child receives at Little Explorer’s Learning Center.

Value Based Education

We strive to prepare each child for a successful kindergarten experience both academically and socially. Everything we do is designed to maximize your child’s learning in a fun environment.

Why Choose Little Explorer's Learning Center & Day Care

All learning takes place in age specific classrooms where teachers provide a loving, creative, safe, learning setting.

infant care learning centerAs your little explorer gets older and advances, so does his or hers critical thinking. Our day care centers on a curriculum that supports and fosters imaginative play and cognitive development at every step. We ensure children have access to creative expression through painting, drawing, clay and collage. This helps them to enhance the skills for problem-solving, work through emotions and express their ideas. We get outside so children can connect with nature and discover the animals, plants, weather and environment. We use this time for children to think, question and enjoy the natural world around them.

From nurturing environments and kind voices for babies, to hands-on activities and circle time for the more active child, we offer day care services for:

  • Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)
  • Tiny tots (13 months to 18 months)
  • Terrific twos
  • Thrilling threes
  • Fantastic fours
  • Fabulous fives
  • Along with after school programs for all ages

As a trusted daycare in San Antonio, TX, we have helped children throughout the community grow and thrive. We offer affordable child care, and a safe-space for kids to play, socialize, learn and make healthy choices. We believe that your child should feel at home when he or she is with us. That’s why our daycare facility is designed to be a safe, nurturing environment. Our building is secured by an automatically locking entryway that is only accessible by our authorized staff. We offer warmth, security, attention and peace of mind for you and your child. We strive for excellence and pride ourselves on being one of the best daycare centers in San Antonio.

When you walk through the doors of our daycare facility, you’ll feel at ease knowing your child is surrounded by a highly trained and compassionate staff. For many families, our day care facility truly is a home away from home. If you’re looking for the best place for your child to grow, learn and play while you are working, look no further than the Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care in San Antonio. Come and visit our facilities to see our classrooms, understand our various programs and experience the difference of a Little Explorer’s Learning Center. You’ll walk away feeling confident about the care you’re choosing for your child.

Infant Class (6wks-12m)

At Little Explorer’s Learning Center our infant room serves children 6wks to 12 months old, we create a safe and caring environment for children in our Infant Program by providing loving arms, physical play, and kind voices.

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Tiny Tots (13m-18m)

Our Tiny Tot room serves children ages 13 months to 18 months. Our Tiny Tot program is designed to meet the individual needs of your child/ren and to provide them with educational experiences.

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Terrific Twos

In our Terrific Two room we provide learning activities that encourage imaginative play. We focuses on making your Little Explorer feel safe, and excited about learning.

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Thrilling Threes

Our Thrilling Three room provides learning experiences that encourage and stimulate your Little Explorer.

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Fantastic Fours

At Little Explorers Learning Center starts preschool each morning with ‘circle time’. This is a fun time where children learn the pledge of allegiance, the weather, the calendar, letter and name recognition, along with choosing class helpers.

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Fabulous Fives

Hours away from school are filled with arts, crafts, and age appropriate games. We also set aside specific time during the afternoon to help them with their homework. We are proud to provide a fun, safe environment for your school age child.

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After School Program

Even after school’s out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating child care environment. Our after-school program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences.

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Warmth, attention, security, peace of mind – that’s what your child receives here at Little Explorer’s Learning Center. Each program has been designed to allow your child to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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preschool daycareWhen selecting a child care facility, you want the best for your child. You want the best care from a dedicated and kindhearted staff that is highly trained. You need an affordable, safe place that nurtures his or her growth, allows them to develop social skills and helps them reach developmental and learning milestones. The Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care is a home away from home for many families in the San Antonio community. When your child spends the day with us, it will feel just like home but with a few more “siblings” to enjoy. We are committed to providing quality and compassionate child care for every kid, whether your son or daughter is 6-weeks or 5-years-old.  Our day care facility is designed to not only keep children safe, but also to encourage a sense of imagination, a structure for learning and a space to play. Typically, children who have access to high-quality child care have stronger emotional, social and cognitive development. These early experiences can help children better develop their communication and critical thinking skills because we are teaching them to process information and vocabulary.

At Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care, our rooms are organized by age and each program is tailored to helping your son or daughter reach key milestones. As your child progresses in age, our programs grow with them. For the tiny tots and infants, we’re focused on keeping his or her specific schedules, and helping them develop at their own pace. Beyond the necessary care, we encourage visual stimulation, along with gross and small motor skill activities. From the age of two, we strive to ensure your child has self-confidence and natural curiosity for learning and the environment around them. By age four, your child is participating in hands-on learning activities like morning circle time for discussions, and academic preschool development geared at preparing them for more advanced schooling. Plus, we have after school programs for children in primary school.

With our open door policy, we encourage parents to spend the day alongside their child to experience the creative and conducive environment first-hand. By sitting with your child, you can better understand how they are engaged throughout the day, and witness the various interactions they have with learning, new friends and our friendly staff. By visiting, it also helps the child understand that you have trust in our facility and they can feel safe, and also that you have an interest in what they are learning and doing on a day-to-day basis when you’re at work. They can feel a sense of pride to show you what they do, who their friends are and how well they behave.

Our mission is to provide you and your family with affordable, safe and warm child care that leaves you with peace-of-mind. Our facility is secure and designed with an automatic locking entryway, and constant attention to ensure your child’s health and safety. Since 2018, we have proudly served the families of San Antonio. Choose Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care as your child’s home away from home.

Fantastic Preschool Teachers And Learning Center


after school programs san antonioYour child’s education is important. Setting him or her up for success from a young age means selecting a preschool that provides high-quality care and access to educational experiences. At Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care, we’re committed to ensuring your child has the best care and attention based on his or her needs. Whether your son or daughter is six-weeks-old or is preparing to enter kindergarten, we are focused on helping them master critical milestones in social, emotional and cognitive development. We are able to achieve this because of our unique structure and process for child development. Our classroom structure is organized by age, allowing children to interact with others in their developmental group and ensuring they are building the self-confidence and curiosity appropriate for their age. As your child grows and develops, so does the educational process.

Our highly trained staff works to motivate children in a fun, engaging way that is appropriate for their stage of progress. As a preschool, we design our programs and schedules in a way that supports and matches how a child takes in and processes information. We know that children under 18 months in age show a wide range of development from gross to fine motor skills, language and cognitive behavior, and social or emotional evolvement. Because of this, your child will only partake in activities that are right for their maturation. Once he or she is able to perform tasks and express himself or herself in the correct developmental stage, we can then progress to the next stages and further advance their skills. Our care professionals closely follow and ensure every child meets the appropriate development domain for his or her age group.

By using imaginative play and stimulating learning experiences, our preschool is designed to provide your child with a solid basis for learning. Through our educational structure, your son or daughter will be able to improve vocabulary, follow directions and respond to questions. Our attentive care providers are focused on preparing your child for primary school by building a strong foundation in:

  • Expressive arts for personal and social development that includes singing and sounds, different mediums for art and role-playing
  • Communication, language and literacy skills through story telling, discussion and vocabulary exercises
  • Understanding the world around them through outdoor activities, using the five senses and comprehending daily structures
  • Healthy eating and physical activities to develop motor skills, basic hygiene and expend energy
  • Mathematics and science-based learning for body parts, counting, sorting physical objects and identifying material properties and more

The Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care is a preschool facility that is designed to encourage play and keep children safe. We want every child to feel comfortable and cared for while they are away from their home, mom, dad or caregiver. To get a sense of our program, we encourage you to visit the preschool with your son or daughter and spend the day getting to know our staff, facility and fellow little explorers. Enroll your child today and let Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care become a home away from home.

After School Programs At Little Explorer's Learning Center & Day Care


Because your day doesn’t finish at the same time as your child’s, a high-quality, affordable after school care facility is necessary for those extra hours in between. While our day-time programs allow for children up to the age of five, the Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care also offers after school care for those elementary school children who are in kindergarten or older. We offer these services because even though school is over, kids still need a welcoming space that keeps them engaged mentally, physically and creatively. Our learning center provides a safe, healthy space for continuous development. It is designed to keep your child active through play, learning and a variety of experiences.

Our highly trained staff can help your child with homework and further reinforce ideas and concepts learned in school that day. By utilizing our learning center, children get the additional support and one-on-one tutoring they need, while leaving more time for families to be together at home. For some, extra attention and help with literacy, reading or writing, and mathematics can make a huge difference in school performance overall, and build confidence and self-esteem that is critical to continued success. Our learning center is intended to promote your child’s natural inclinations whether in writing, art, science or other programs that help them cultivate lifelong interests and skills.

Through creative expression, your child can let their imagination run wild and explore their active mind in a way that is right for them. We encourage your son or daughter to explore themes and topics that inspire him or her, and think critically about scenarios, problems and associated details. After school, kids need a healthy snack to keep their brain activity going, and physical exercise to release stored energy and emotions. Not only do we provide these critical health needs, but we also provide a strong sense of community. From sharing activities and building character, your child will be part of a community that enhances their social and behavioral skills. For those with a younger sibling at the facility, it also is a great way to keep them together and foster their relationship further.

Whether you have one child, or multiple children in our learning center, our staff is focused on providing quality care and attention to every child. We ensure they are highly trained to teach your children, and encourage their continued education and growth for constant program improvement. We only select the most genuine, caring and appropriate people to spend time with your son or daughter, so they feel safe and comfortable when they are with us. If you need an after school program for your child, Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care is the place for you. Our affordable care services, and educational support is ideal for those three hours between school and work. You can feel confident knowing that your child is in good hands, and getting the after school program they need for learning, play and fun. Enroll your child today in our after school program at Little Explorer’s Learning Center and Day Care.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Einstein


A Message from the Owner

While we believe that we can never take the place of a parent’s love and care, we know that you’ll be impressed with the warmth and attention that your child receives at Little Explorer’s Learning Center.– Ryan Owner

Even our own kids go

My children are excited to arrive and are always happy to go back.– Eleanore Lopez Parent / Director

Like a mother’s care

I have known this staff for years prior to opening this establishment. Why our 5 year old can’t wait for them to open. You will not be disappointed. They truly care about children and their development.– Jennifer Hardy Parent

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