Infant Room (6wks-12m)

Infant Class


At Little Explorer’s Learning Center, we create a safe and caring environment for children in our Infant Program by providing loving arms, physical play, and kind voices. This program is designed for children 6 weeks through 12 months (may vary depending on maturity).

What you can expect from our Infant Program:

  • Personal attention and focused care for each child
  • Low teacher to child ratio
  • Cheerful, secure environment for learning and development
  • Infant Program designed to foster sensory, cognitive, physical, and emotional development.

Our Approach to Infant Care


Every day is filled with exciting new discoveries for infants. That’s why we created a safe and nurturing environment for infants to grow in. Our Infant classroom boasts low teacher-child ratios to maintain the level of care and attention needed at this age.

Throughout the day, your infant will be given love and encouragement. We also provide a daily infant report, keeping you up to date on your child’s diaper changes, feedings, and development. Our teachers know that every child is unique, which means they will have distinct care needs.

Providing affectionate care will create the open, welcoming environment young children need to learn and grow. We know that babies love to hear language, creating an early foundation for literacy and language development. Our infant program encourages interaction with the world around them, building key social skills.

The Infant Room


Our infant room is bright, cheerful, and safe. We provide an open play area, creating a space for infants to explore, discover, and develop. The room is designed to allow teachers to have a clear view of all infants in their care.

Filled with young crawlers, we make sure our infant room play area offers age appropriate toys and materials designed for development and learning—all kept within reach for crawling infants. We make sure all toys are sanitized throughout the day.

Our infant room includes a designated space for each child where personal items such as formula, food, diapers, and baby wipes can be stored.

Our infant care provides a cozy and nurturing sleep environment, following safety regulations and prevention of SIDS. Children are in their cribs ONLY when napping.

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Learning Experiences

Physical Development & Health
Social Development
Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
Cognitive Development
Having Fun!
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Developmental Domains


Gross Motor Development

  • Floor Play
  • Push & pull toys
  • Practice Reaching
  • Ball rolling
  • Large Soft blocks
  • Outdoor play and walks

Fine Motor Development

  • Lots of toys & objects to manipulate
  • Finger play
  • Crayoning
  • Turning book pages
  • Finger paint
  • Self-feeding

Language Development

  • Story time
  • Label things in our environment
  • Encourage babbling, words & conversation during routine care and transitions
  • Singing songs

Cognitive Development

  • Blocks, staking cups & rings
  • Dramatic play: Dolls, baby bottles, telephones, tea sets
  • Environment: Introduce shape of the week

Creative Expression

  • Musical Instruments
  • Listening to diverse music
  • Finger paints
  • Crayoning

Social Emotional Development

  • Peek-A-Boo
  • Learning to wave “bye bye”
  • Continuing to promote trusting caregiver-infant relationships
  • Continue to support self- regulation & self-soothing

Self Help Skills

  • Practice with sippy cups
  • Self-feeding
  • Continue spoons 

*Special Note: There is a wide developmental and chronological age range in the 12-18-month room. Children will only partake in activities appropriate for their age and stage of development.


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