Terrific Twos (Age 2)

Terrific Twos


In our Terrific Two room we provide learning activities that encourage imaginative play. Whether it’s learning to talk, learning to share, or potty training; our program strives to meet the needs of each toddler in our care. The emphasis during the toddler years is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that your child possesses. All Little Explorer classrooms are age specific where teachers provide a loving, stimulating setting. Your child’s teacher will continue to guide and encourage your Terrific Two yr. old in every stage of his or her development.

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Learning Experiences

Physical Development & Health
Social Development
Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
Cognitive Development
Having Fun!
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Two yr olds Developmental Domains


Expressive Art, Personal & Social Development

  • Build relationships with staff and children within the class.
  • Encourage children to join in with each other’s games and ideas.
  • Encourage children to express their needs i.e. collecting their own water bottles etc.
  • Encourage children to respond to appropriate boundaries.
  • Promote independence.
  • Explore new toys and environments.
  • Begin to learn some things are theirs, some things are to be shared and somethings belong to others.
  • Introduce new songs and rhymes.
  • Begin to develop make believe play.
  • Explore a range of sensory experiences.
  • Encourage children to join in with actions and songs.
  • Explore media and materials.
  • Pretends one object represents another.



  • Introduce simple stories and rhymes.
  • Beginning to have favorite stories and rhymes.
  • Encourage children to handle books with care
  • Encourage enjoyment of books.
  • Repeat familiar phrases from stories.



  • Experiment with climbing at different levels.
  • Develop fine motor skills different materials, copy simple shapes i.e. circles and lines.
  • Continue with toilet training routines.
  • Encourage independence in self-care i.e. helping to put on own coats, shoes and washing own hands.
  • Try new foods and textures.


Understanding the World

  • Develop friendships amongst the group.
  • Repeat actions that have cause and effect.
  • Enjoys pictures and stories about themselves.
  • Enjoy playing with small world activities i.e. train track, farm animals etc.
  • Encourage children to tidy up.
  • Children to explore the changing weather and nature found in the center garden.


Communication and Language

  • Enjoys rhymes and tries to join in with words and actions.
  • Encourage the use of familiar nouns.
  • Develop the use of unfamiliar nouns.
  • Children to concentrate for a few minutes on an activity of interest.
  • Encourage children to ask simple questions.
  • Identify actions in stories.
  • Encourage children to give eye contact to an adult when talking.



  • Filing and emptying.
  • Beginning to use mathematical language i.e. a lot, more, full and empty.
  • Children to explore jigsaw puzzles.
  • Begin to be able to sort objects.
  • Encourage the use of number names.
  • Recognizing big and small objects.
  • Introduce numbers through the enjoyment of songs and rhymes.
  • Encourage children to recite number names in sequence through rhyme.
  • 1:1 Correspondence



  • Explore weather and seasonal changes using a range of sensory experiences.
  • Support children with climbing.
  • Support new starters with free flow.


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