Fantastic Fours (Age 4)

Fantastic Fours


Our preschool curriculum was designed with the knowledge that children learn best with a “hands on” approach. That is why we want to make learning fun, and everything we do is designed for preschool education.

Each morning we start preschool with ‘circle time’. This is a fun time where children learn the pledge of allegiance, the weather, the calendar, letter and name recognition, along with choosing class helpers. We have fun talking about the activities for the morning.

Other Activities Include:


• Weekly themes to teach your preschooler math, science, music, movement, art, reading, Spanish, writing, and language skills
• A letter and number of the week to help improve writing and language skills
• Spring and Fall assessments to track your child’s academic development toward kindergarten readiness
• Active involvement from parents as well as communication between parents & teachers
• Guest presenters add excitement and fun to our program
• Folders are sent home at the end of each week with your child’s work as well as any weekly updates
• Playtime to socialize and encourage their imaginations
The teachers design their lesson plans to meet the unique developmental needs of preschoolers, making sure that each child receives the attention and skills they need to succeed.

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Learning Experiences

Physical Development & Health
Social & Emotional Development
Language Development
Language and Literacy Development
Logic & Reasoning
Mathematics & Science
Creative Arts
Having Fun!
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4 Yr. Old Developmental Domains


Social & Emotional Development

Sense of self:

  • Show ability to adjust to new situations
  • Demonstrates appropriate trust in adults
  • Recognizes own feelings and manages them appropriately
  • Stands up for rights

Responsibility for self & others:

  • Demonstrates self-direction and independence
  • Takes responsibility for own well-being
  • Respects and care for classroom environment and materials
  • Follows classroom rules

Prosocial behavior:

  • Plays well with other children
  • Recognizes the feelings of others and responds appropriately
  • Shares and respects the rights of others
  • Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts

Physical Development

Gross motor:

  • Demonstrates basic locomotor skills (running, jumping, hopping, galloping)
  • Shows balance while moving
  • Climbs up and down
  • Pedals and steers a tricycle (for other wheeled vehicle)
  • Demonstrates throwing, kicking, and catching skills

Fine motor:

  • Controls small muscles in hands
  • Coordinates eye-hand movement
  • Uses tools for writing and drawing

Cognitive Development

Learning and problem solving:

  • Observes objects and events with curiosity
  • Approaches problems flexibly
  • Shows persistence in approaching tasks
  • Explores cause and effect
  • Applies knowledge or experience to a new context

Logical thinking:

  • Classifies objects
  • Compares/measures
  • Arranges objects in a series
  • Recognizes patterns and can repeat them
  • Shows awareness of time concepts and sequence
  • Shows awareness of position in space
  • Uses one-to-one correspondence
  • Uses numbers and counting

Representation and symbolic thinking:

  • Takes on pretend roles and situations
  • Makes believe with objects
  • Makes and interprets representations

Language Development

Listening and speaking:

  • Hears and discriminates the sounds of language
  • Expresses self-using words and expanded sentences
  • Understands and follows oral directions
  • Answers questions
  • Asks questions
  • Actively participates in conversations

Reading and writing:

  • Enjoys and values reading
  • Demonstrates understanding of print concepts
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet
  • Comprehends and interprets meaning from books and other texts
  • Understands the purpose of writing


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