Fabulous Fives (Age 5)

Fantastic Fives


Our school age program offers care before and after school as well as care for days when school is not in session.

Here at Little Explorer’s Learning Center, a child’s hours away from school are filled with arts, crafts, and age appropriate games. We also set aside specific time during the afternoon to help them with their homework. We are proud to provide a fun, safe environment for your school age child.

In addition, we provide care during:

In-Service days, Snow days, Fall break, Winter break, Spring break, Summer break

Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care in San Antonio

Our Before and After School Care offers a broad range of activities and learning, such as:

  • Learning opportunities in a fun environment
  • Breakfast and afternoon snack
  • Homework Help
  • Outdoor Play

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Learning Experiences

Physical Development & Health
Social Development
Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
Cognitive Development
Having Fun!
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Fabulous Fives Developmental Domains


Expressive Arts, Personal & Social Development

  • Learn to sing songs linked with routine, season & nursery rhymes.
  • Explore instrumental and environmental sounds.
  • Create self-portraits and ‘Birthday flowers’ for wall display.
  • Explore different materials and media to create paintings, drawings, models and collages.
  • Explore transient art especially ‘Big group art’ each week with natural material and loose parts.
  • Role-play familiar situations outside and inside e.g. in ‘Home center’.
  • Small world train set, cars, people and animals to play co-operatively, take turns etc.

Communication & Language/Literacy

  • Begin daily phonics sessions-Letters and sounds phase 1- listening activities- matching sounds, sound walks and instrumental sounds.
  • Read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books following the children’s interests and linking to topic e.g. Owl babies, Stick man, Humpty Dumpty, Autumn etc.
  • Learn nursery rhymes and repeated phrases in stories.
  • Speaking and listening opportunities- news time, plan-do-review.
  • Encourage talk during small group time and when planning own activities.
  • Build vocabulary by taking time to speak and listen with adults and peers about experiences at home and in class.
  • Learn to handle books and resources with care.
  • Recognize own and other names visually through self-registration, planning board etc.

Understanding the World

  • Talk about the children, their families and home life during circle time.
  • Discuss day, time, season, weather with children each day.
  • Go on an autumnal walk. What is changing? Why are some leaves falling? Explore natural materials.
  • Plan for ‘Woodland Wednesday’ each week with ‘Forest school’ type activities linked to children’s current interests.
  • Understand we can grow our own food and use senses to collect, prepare, cook (if necessary) and taste fruit and vegetables grown at school and collected from environment.
  • Technology: children to use cameras to capture their local environment and autumnal walk.


  • Finger gym station- provide weekly fine motor challenges, alongside dough disco, to develop fine motor.
  • Action songs such as Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Hand Washing etc. linked to topic.
  • Gross motor skills outside during free flow play e.g. scooters, climbing and indoor soft play.
  • Develop an understanding of healthy eating, good personal hygiene and need for rest, sleep & time to think & reflect.
  • Know how to stay safe and happy in class and at home.


  • Count orally to 3 and beyond.
  • Begin to recognize numerals to 3.
  • Learn number rhymes using props and actions.
  • Begin to develop 1:1 correspondence with touch counting objects (3 and beyond)
  • Introduce vocabulary in role play, sand & water situations such as bigger, smaller, fewer, less and more.
  • Counting body parts- How many toes do we have? Etc.
  • Sort natural and man-made objects according to their properties.
  • Begin to recognize numbers of personal significance.


  • Develop the outside role play shed using children’ s ideas and interests with outfits etc.
  • Learn how to care for garden: water, weed, plant and harvest fruit from trees and vegetables from garden to eat.
  • Find different routes around area using balancing and climbing skills.
  • Create games with baskets, skittles, bowling and gutters & collects scores with tally marks and numbers.
  • Use bikes/scooters to develop physical activity.
  • Large scale model building and create climbing opportunities.
  • Explore kitchen and make portions with natural materials material’s e.g. mint, lavender, & herbs from the garden and link to senses.


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